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Employee Benefits

Anderson & Associates provides effective group benefits and pension consulting to organizations as well as skilled financial planning advice to individuals.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the corporate and small business environment, we deliver a more personalized service. We like to work closely with organizations and their team to understand their business needs and challenges. 

Our goal is to help manage the cost of benefit programs by leveraging resources to support employee engagement and retention.

Benefit programs may include:

   • Life and Accident Insurance
   •Disability Insurance
   •Health Care
   •Dental Care
   •Critical Illness
   •Health Spending Accounts
   •Employee Assistance Programs
   •Retirement Programs
   •Profit Sharing Programs
   •Optional Plans



We support clients by being an extension of their Human Resources. Employee Benefits are a significant part of overall compensation cost and we want to make sure the full value is understood and appreciated.

Because we are a small business, we have the flexibility to work with you, understand your organization and customize your program.

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