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Stand Sure, in the knowledge we are working for you. 

Anderson & Associates Financial Consulting has been working with both business and individual clients for over 30 years. As a second generation family business, we provide effective solutions in the area of Employee Benefits, Retirement Programs, and Financial Planning. We strive to deliver the highest level of customer service to clients both large and small.


We will help you attract, retain and reward your most important asset, your employees.

Group Benefit Programs

As a small business, we deliver personalized service for each client. We like to work closely with organizations and their HR team to understand their unique needs and challenges. We can help you design or adapt your program to meet the goals and values of your organization.


We support clients by being an extension of their Human Resources. Employee Benefits are a significant part of overall compensation cost and we want to make sure the full value is understood and appreciated. Our goal is to help manage the cost of the benefits programs by leveraging resources to support employee engagement and retention. Because we are a small business we have the flexibility to work with you, understand your organization and customize your program. Take a look at the full list of products we use


Group Retirement Programs

Group Retirement Programs help organizations to attract, retain and reward the greatest asset you have - your employees.

There are different approaches but key to any successful program is effective communication. We can help in the selection of the best plan, and then focus on design, implementation and management of your program. It does not need to be complicated to provide great value to employees. 



Take a look at the Group Retirement programs we use.

Group Retirement Savings Plan (GRSP)

A GRSP is a collection of individual RRSP accounts administered by a company or organization (the plan "sponsor") on behalf of its employees (members). it allows the employees to contribute directly from their payroll using pre-tax dollars. Employer contributions create a taxable benefit.  ​ The contribution limit is based on 18% of the previous years' Income earned within the RRSP in tax-deferred until withdrawal.  Investment options are selected by employees based on choices available within the plan, usually at lower fees as a group.

Defined Contribution
Registered Pension Plan

A Registered Pension Plan is subject to stricter regulations than other group savings programs. Contributions are locked-in Federal and provincial legislation applies The contribution levels are pre-determined and the pension amount payable in the future will depend on the performance of the account. Employees typically contribute a percentage of salary, which is matched by the employer.  A key advantage is tax effectiveness as payroll taxes do not apply to contributions Goal is retirement income, not savings for other purposes.

Deferred Profits-Sharing Plans

A DPSP is an employer- sponsored registered plan and is often established in conjunction with a Group RRSP, to hold the Employer contribution portion. A DPSP offers: Contributions are tax-deductible and do not generate payroll tax Contributions create a pension adjustment for the employee Contribution limit is half the Money Purchase limit Income earned within a DPSP is tax-deferred until withdrawal Ability to include vesting provision (up to 2 years) The purpose of a DPSP is to share profits with employees; contributions can be calculated based on profits, a percentage of employee salaries or another formula.


We are here to support your goals and help you navigate financial milestones confidently.

Personal Financial Planning

We want to be your trusted advisor, supporting your financial goals as you navigate through the various milestones of life. We will work with you to understand your personal financial objectives and help you find the right tools and solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.​ We rely on trusted professionals, including accountants and lawyers, to ensure you have a well rounded approach. Each client is unique. We want to learn about your specific situation and then help design programs to meet your needs.


Key planning areas include:

Retirement Planning 

Are you on track to meet your retirement goals? Or do you even know what the goal is and if you are on track to get there? We develop comprehensive plans to detail all the moving parts from savings, to income, and tax management. 


Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of organizing the transfer of your assets upon death. It is an ongoing process that often changes over

time, having a comprehensive plan in place will benefit your family and future generations. Take a look at the full list of products we use. 



Insurance & Benefits

Typical products we use.

Pays a cash benefit to the beneficiary upon the death of the insured.  Policies may include investment options as well as other valuable riders.


Disability plans provide financial protection to the insured in the event they are on able to work due to an illness or injury. We use two types of plans: short term disability which typically covers a few months while off work; and long-term disability which may provide disability income until age 65.  There are various levels of coverage, but typical plans replace 2/3 of an insureds after tax income.

Care Plans

Dental insurance provides coverage for services such as recall exams, fillings, periodontics, endodontics, X-rays, and other dental services.

Dependent Life

Provides a cash benefit upon the death of an insured spouse or child to cover unexpected costs.


Critical illness insurance usually pays a one-time lump-sum payment if you're diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.  Policies vary in the types of illnesses covered but the main three include cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Typical policies insure approximately 21 serious illnesses.

Flexible Spending

There are various accounts available, some offering tax free benefits while others are taxable benefits. They typically reimburse additional costs related to health and dental care. Some plans also offer coverage for Wellness related services.

Accidental Death
& Dismemberment

Pays either a death benefit as a result of accidental death, or a portion of the benefit in the event of dismemberment.

Health Care

Health care plans may cover a variety of services and products, typically including prescription drugs, vision care, paramedical practitioners, and out-of-province emergency care.

Employee and Family Assistance Plans

Whether you need advice, counselling or just need a little help—these plans are here for you 24/7. Typically offering immediate and confidential support related to an emergency situation or simply everyday stressors.

About Us

About Us

For our business client, by understanding the unique needs and objectives, we are able to help maximize the value of the Employee Benefits and Retirement Programs. With the help of innovative solutions and simple strategies these programs are positioned to grow with the organization. It does not need to be complicated.

For our individual client, we offer a broad range of insurance and investment products to assist in the planning process. During the various stages of life, the needs will be different. Objectives may include financial security, capital preservation, estate transfer, and effective tax planning.


The underlying products are similar, whether used to promote employee well being within a business environment or for individual planning. Working with established insurance companies in Canada, we have access to unlimited options, so let’s find out what works best for you.


Stand Sure is the motto of the Anderson Scottish Clan. 
An oak tree is featured on the crest, signifying loyalty, strength and honour.
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